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Alienlabs Hash Gummies 100 MG

Alienlabs Hash Gummies 100 MG

Size: Cotton Cluster

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Introducing Alienlabs Hash Gummies - your far-out ticket to a trippy adventure! Each 100 MG treat delivers an otherworldly burst of fruity flavor and seductive, soothing high. Take a chewy step into the unknown and enjoy the mild, relaxing effect of premium, lab-tested cannabis extract wrapped in a delicious texture that melts in your mouth. No need to prepare the potent ganja, just enjoy the ease of discreet, on-the-go edibles that let you explore the limitless bounds of the universe in style. Slip into the mystical feeling of euphoria that only the finest ingredients paired with cutting-edge science can provide. If you're looking for a mind-bending experience that will blast you into orbit, these hash gummies are the ones for you! Join forces with your friends or take yourself on a solitary trip to the outer reaches of your imagination. Every bag is an invitation to an unforgettable journey!

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